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Packed lunch box

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Packed lunch box

Detailed introduction

Product Name: Packed lunch box, waterproof salad box

Product material: food cattle card

Product Process: 320g food grade coated cattle cardboard + PET window

Product specifications: small, medium, large

Product use: coffee shop, tea shop, soy milk shop, fast food restaurant, restaurant, hotel, office, home, etc.

We have always focused on using healthier, environmentally friendly and sustainable materials and materials. Letting everyone use healthy and safe products is our core production philosophy.

Choose our reason:

01. Coated cattle cardboard

Food-grade materials, exquisite workmanship, direct contact with food, health and safety, health and environmental protection

02. Visual PET window

Food grade materials can be in direct contact with food, high transparency and good recognition

03. snap-on cover

Three-way fit buckle sealing edge is good, no leakage

Yisheng Packaging is a one-off paper barrel manufacturer integrating design, production and sales. Professional disposable paper cups, popcorn buckets, cartons and other food-grade packaging. We take the mission of "Love the Earth with Environmental Protection"! Caring for the environment, advocating health, providing customers with food packaging solutions and services! Welcome to call: 18006061199

Disposable carton

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